Microchips allowed a missing cat to be located 7 years and 1,500 miles later.

My cats getting out and never coming back is a major worry of mine. My furry buddy Truman went missing once, and I hope I never have to go through it again.

But, while it may not seem so at first, the narrative I am going to tell you brings hope and light back into our lives.

Denise Cilley was preparing for her daughter’s tenth birthday celebration when the family’s cat, Ashes, ran away.

Concern and grief swept through the household. Since they lived in a predator-rich area of Maine, they looked everywhere in the hopes of finding Ashes.

Despite their thorough search, there was no evidence of their cat. The family was forced to assume that Ashes was lost after weeks of fruitless hunting.

Rescued stray cat returns with six more “mini panthers”

A cat sits patiently for weeks on a bench, waiting for someone to stop for him.