A Beautiful Moment Between a Texas Bride and Her Two-Year-Old Son

Alexis Marie Helzer’s wedding day was already an emotional one when she said “I do,” but things took a delightful turn for the better during the family picture session. She was seen beside her brand-new husband, who was carrying their little kid.

When Aasyn, the couple’s kid, pointed to his mother and said, “Mom, you’re beautiful,” his mother got visibly upset and pretended she hadn’t heard him. Aasyn repeated the praise to his mother because he was afraid she hadn’t heard the first time, and this time it brought tears to his father’s eyes as well.

He answered, “Alright, that might make me cry,” and then instructed his new bride to suppress her emotions. The guy eventually handed his kid over to his crying wife, and the video quickly went viral after being posted on various social media platforms.

In addition to sharing the video on Instagram, Alexis Marie Helzer also shared it on TikTok, where it has already amassed approximately 22.5 million views, 2.9 million likes, and 13,000 comments. I’m quite grateful that this photo was taken on my wedding day. Her “sweet baby” caption on TikTok quickly went viral.


Sneak peak of the most perfect day 💓

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A professional wedding photography team also contributed to the movie, which they also shared on their Instagram. They added, “So happy we caught this sweet moment during family photo time this is just another example of why we highly recommend mic’ing you up for your wedding day!”


A healthy relationship. Two babies, beautiful house. What else can i ask for? Maybe, a third baby? 😝

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The wedding photographers make a valid point in that although videos are often made at weddings, the audio from some of the most memorable moments is lost. Bringing a microphone to your wedding will allow you to record every precious moment.

This touching wedding-day moment went viral on social media.

Thousands of people commented online on how cute the scene was that happened on the couple’s wedding day. One Instagram user remarked, “Sounds like Dad is setting a great example,” while another said, “thats how you know it’s true, when a child says it.”

Lots of people agreed with their 2-year-old kid, and some even commented that the parents must be doing something right. People in the comments section were also gushing over the son’s obviously loving gaze towards his mother. You can see he really cares for her since his eyes are shining with affection for her, one commenter said.

Another person commented, “And that my friends is why being a boy mom is the best thing ever,” while a third said, “He watched his father say it many times and it made mommy smile…so he wanted to make sure MOMMY smiled and knew she was so beautiful love it.”

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