A cat rescued from an overcrowded home is given a second chance at life alongside a kitten that resembles it, ending months of waiting.

Stefany and Johanne, local animal rescuers from Montreal, Canada, rescued a cat and a kitten from a hoarding situation earlier this year.

Zara, a seven-year-old tortoiseshell, was discovered with her four-month-old offspring Zeeta. They had been sharing a home with more than forty other animals.


The mother and daughter were severely malnourished and required medical attention. Stefany and Johanne took them in and saved them in the nick of time.


Their local rescue organization, Chatons Orphelins Montréal, offered assistance. “Zara had lost two underdeveloped kittens, but her third, Zeeta, who resembled her to a tee, survived thanks to their rescuers,” Chatons Orphelins

Montréal told Love Meow.”Zara also presented with a cocked head due to an ear infection that had been left untreated for too long.” The mother and daughter were then treated for several weeks for ringworm.”


With appropriate care, nutritious food, and a spotless environment, Zeeta the kitten was rapidly gaining weight and overflowing with vitality.

A woman entered the animal shelter and was greeted by a cat with an incredibly asymmetrical visage that was staring at her in an odd manner.

Due to his drooping face, a cat with a rare condition always displays a sad expression.