A chained dog with severe burns is reunited with the vet who saved him.

Smokey, the ecstatic canine, couldn’t contain his joy when reconnecting with the veterinarian who played a critical role in saving his life after a terrifying ordeal.

This incredible dog’s odyssey began when he was discovered tethered to a tree in Jupiter, Florida, after escaping the hands of a fiery nightmare.

Swift action by the brave firefighters took Smokey away to the emergency vet to see if his frail life might be saved.

Jupiter Pet Emergency and Specialty Center (JPESC) chronicled the change of “Fen,” formerly known as Smokey, in a touching account.

Fen was recovered in March 2017, his body scarred by third-degree burns that had devastated his leg down to the bone. JPESC went on a difficult path to nurse Fen back to health with unrelenting dedication and an outpouring of sensitive care.

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