A Deaf Dog Finally Finds a Lifelong Family After 11 Years on the Street

Meet Solo, a wanderer who has spent his whole life roaming the streets of Los Angeles. Around the age of eleven, he eventually became too old and sick to go on walks in the streets with the other dogs. He was thus compelled to wait for help on a woman’s porch.

The name Solovino, which means “he arrived alone” in Spanish and suggests “he lived alone,” was given to the elderly dog by the lady after she saw him sitting on her doorstep by himself.

The lady phoned the Rocket Dog Rescue after realizing that Solo was still residing at her doorway after a few of days. Following the adoption decision by the rescue facility, he was flown to San Francisco.

Solo spent the following 1.5 years in a foster family after being put there very quickly. He was placed for adoption many times, but he was always brought back.

It was a puzzle to no one why the adorable dog would not go to sleep until Carol Messina saw his photo on the internet one day.

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His heart raced as we pulled him from the dark room, where he had spent his whole life.