DOGS Swan demonstrates to a dog who is staring at him while on a walk why he is “king” of the park.

The main attraction? A swan with an attitude and a dog in a humorous predicament.
On the park’s immaculate path, a dog and its owner were blissfully oblivious to the feathered spectacle that was about to enter their afternoon.

With a demeanor that rivaled that of a Hollywood celebrity, the swan locked eyes with the dog and began a comical display of dominance and defiance.

The woman, perhaps aware of the sometimes defiant nature of swans, instructed her companion to rest in an attempt to avoid feathered encounters.

However, the swan, perhaps perceiving the dog’s obedience as a threat to his dominion over the park, decided to exploit the opportunity.

He approached with a determined waddle that radiated assurance. His eyes glowed with a mischievous gleam that promised a memorable encounter.

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