A Dog’s Second Chance at Life: A Heartwarming Story of Love and Redemption

Redemption via the eyes of a 4-year-old dog: Saviours and treasures
A dog that had been left behind was found tethered to a tree on a farm in rural Georgia earlier this year.

The unfortunate dog had gone without basic necessities such as food, shelter, and medical care for four whole years.

While a healthy pit bull weighs between 20 and 30 kg, this dog clearly wasn’t doing well. His look was alarming, as he weighed just around 11 kg and had bruises from shackles on his neck.

Following an anonymous complaint, the Cordele Animal Shelter took to social media to explain the problem, posting some distressing photographs to drive the point home.

The unlucky person needed a new place to live so that he might finally feel the love he had been denied for so long.

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