With its snout chopped, the dog’s chances of survival were bleak, but its rescuers were determined to give it a fighting chance.

Even if we live in a harsh and indifferent society, there are times when we are reminded of the good that exists in people.

Those who refuse to turn a blind eye to misery are shown by the tale of Namtan, a dog whose life was almost destroyed by a horrible act of violence.

Namtan’s fragile frame showed the wounds of unfathomable anguish when rescuers came across her.

She had become a symbol of the ugliness that permeates our culture. Her formerly vibrant eyes were dulled by suffering, and her delicate physique gave evidence to the heartlessness that had befallen her.

She was tired of people calling her dog unattractive, so she started sharing photos of his inner beauty online.

After being neglected and abandoned for nine years, a dying dog has a brief moment of optimism.