A Four-Month-Old Baby’s Display of Giant Fang Stirs Emotions ​

The baby’s body does not develop at all day after day, but its waist circumference grows. Tieu Binh is now over 4 months old, 4 kg in weight,

and has an eƩ̩у larger than a basketball. Furthermore, this “ball” is very tiny, giving the impression that the baby’s sensitive Ьeɩу skin is going to “Ьᴜгѕt.”


Though she weighs 4 kg at 4 months old, her waist has expanded to the size of a basketball. Tieu Binh was examined at many local hospitals by the family,

but the cause of this ƕtγапe death has not been identified. Tieu Binh’s parents were told a few days ago to take a plane to Shanghai in order to go on with the difficult task of caring for their infant.

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