A guy found a helpless puppy stuck in a sewer with its mouth frozen.

A ill dog hooked his tongue to a manhole cover in the bitter cold. The dog was crying and trying very hard to release its own frozen tongue when a Good Samaritan ran in to help with the remedy.

A passerby saw the poor animal’s plight and hurried over to attempt to raise the animal’s temperature and free it by putting his bottle of water down its throat.

The dog is seen wriggling as the guy pours the liquor gently. After being reunited with its owner, the dog was relieved to be allowed to approach him and give him a pat.

It’s unknown whether the dog was a stray, owned, or had any veterinary attention. The video was recorded in Vladivostok,

Russia, on Thursday. The dog became caught in a frozen well and the kind man used warm water to assist him get out.

A devoted dog gave its life to protect its owners from an intruder in their house.

The frightened mother dog lay there, wailing for assistance to save her pups, unable to rise.