A ill kitty was in agony, starving, and wailing even while he slept.

A heartbreaking picture plays out in the silent shadows of a merciless world: a sick kitten, a little, frail creature, lies in the grip of misery.

Its tiny frame is evidence of the gruesome hold that malnutrition has had. Its sleep is not at all pleasant; rather, it is a fitful life interspersed with heartbreaking moans that leave its lips.

This poor creature is clearly ill; it is unable of taking care of itself, is exposed to the weather, and cannot sate the raging hunger that consumes it constantly.

The weakening voice of the kitten muffles its pleas, which reveal a misery that words cannot adequately describe.

Conservationists Are Enthralled by an Andean Cat: A Sign of Hope

Not what I had intended to offer. Zion the kitten was released this morning. He began to have convulsions and his condition worsened. It would be an understatement to say that I’m broken this morning.