A scared cat with wounds on its hand perseveres, touching the hearts of all who sees it because of its unyielding resolve to live.

A Las Vegas resident’s kind neighbor rescued a stray kitten she found in front of her house. There were similar tiny brothers and sisters nearby, but there was nothing anybody could do to save them. The mother cats had left, leaving behind an orphaned kitten.

Nikki Martinez, a field and overexposure volunteer, rushed to the rescue. She and her husband, Pule Kotov, have devoted the past decade to protecting and caring for furries.

Nikki and her husband went on with their lives despite the devastating news that he had cancer She was so little and weak that we worried about her future, but we were determined to save her anyhow,” Nikki recalls.

That little furball’s name was Rocky. The kid survived her first night in an incubator by eating well and resting in comfort. The couple alternated feeding, warming, and massaging the infant every hour.

Nikki was up every two hours during the first week to feed and water the cat. After gaining an appetite, Rocky started to develop normally.

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A stray kitten and her siblings found a home with a farming family.