A Kitten Only 10 Days Old Clings to the Hands That Saved Her Life and Grows into an Infinitely Fluffy Purring Machine

Meet Clove, a stunning gray kitten who was only 10 days old when she was brought to Baby Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles. Thankfully, aid arrived at the right moment for Clove, who had been lost and forgotten.

Baby Kitten Rescue’s Caroline Grace said: On a Thursday night, she was discovered by herself. The discoverers waited for the cat’s mother, but she never came back.

Clove was in really bad shape; the fleas all over her body, the big scab under her right armpit, and the serious illness made her health quite precarious.

Caroline took Clove in and started a critical care program to bring her back to health since she was determined to save her. What did she say?

To to the doctor: “Clove was severely dehydrated and crying nonstop from the pain of her stomach problems.”

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With antibiotics, hydration treatment, and other nutrients, Clove began feeling significantly better within only a few hours.

As soon as Clove recovered her strength, she clung to her owner’s hand, purring the whole while. Despite her small size and early age, Clove proved to be a lovable purring machine with a strong desire to live.

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