A little, defenseless kitten was sitting by the road, its eyes full of desire and anxiety as it hoped that a kind person would come along and save it.

The kitten finds itself in a dangerous predicament since it is defenseless and alone. All around it are speeding cars and strange sounds,

so it naturally runs to the side of the road for safety. The kitten, however, perseveres in the face of hardship, its hopeful eyes full of faith that someone would save it.

This little, fragile figure is seen by a pedestrian, who is captivated by its mute appeal. Their hearts begin to race with compassion as they realize

how desperate the kitten’s circumstances are. As they decide together to step in and become the rescuer this small creature so urgently needs, time appears to stop.

They approach the kitten carefully and cautiously, keeping in mind its frailty and anxiety. They grab the little bundle of fur and cradle

The little kittens, unable to find their mother, cried out in anguish.

Caring for the Invisible Hunger: Feeding a stray cat discovered taking refuge under a tuck shop.