A Mother’s Endless Grief: The Story of a Mother and Her Son Suffering from TAR Syndrome

Before my doctor entered the examination room, it felt like an eternity had passed. I’ve never seen him with such a sad expression on his face.

He is a man who gets right to the point, thank goodness. He stated, “We cannot see any arms.” I gazed at him as if he had just spoken in a foreign language.

What do you imply? I pleaded repeatedly. He said he coυldn’t confirm it yet, Ƅυt he Ƅelieʋed oυr woυld Ƅe withoυt his υpper extremities.

I don’t rememƄer a lot aƄoυt going home. I once again recall my spouse and I spending the majority of the night sitting in silence. We simply ed each other.


The following day, we were referred to the highest-risk pediatrician in our area. I brought every ultrasound from my entire pregnancy to the doctor and had him point out what I thought were arms.

The emotional moments of being reunited with a soldier’s newborn child remind us that we must all strive for peace.

Baby Born Without Eyes and Desperate to See His Mother’s Face