A newborn baby’s refusal to feed leads its family to a horrible realisation a few days later.

A Baby’s Near-Death Experience Prompts a Movement to Make Our Homes Safer
One of the greatest gifts in life is a new baby. Parents want to maximise their time with their newborn, so they work hard to be ready for the arrival of their child as soon as possible.

Unpredictable Upheaval Accompanied by the Long-Awaited Arrival

The Taylors, Bathany and Kendall, fell under this category. The parents-to-be were overjoyed to finally meet their baby girl. Once the big day had come, their happiness knew no bounds.

After a brief hospital stay after Baby Jane’s birth, the family was finally able to go home and begin their new life together.

Things quickly changed, however. Jane’s parents were frantic when she suddenly stopped nursing at home and had to be rushed to the ER. Doctors detected nothing abnormal and discharged them from the hospital.

The Unveiling of a Strange Illness

Upon returning home, everyone complained of terrible headaches. At that point, they began to worry about gas poisoning. They returned to the hospital, where the doctors verified their greatest fears: Baby Jane had been poisoned by carbon monoxide. A gas heater in their flat was the source of the problem.

Faith Tap heard a distraught Bathany say, “I couldn’t believe this was happening to my new, brand new little baby and I was so worried about what was going to happen with her.”

Positive Results From Immediate Intervention

Baby Jane and her mother were sent to the hyperbaric chamber for treatment. She was “like a baby again,” Dr. James Stewart said. There were tears, and she answered her mother. As soon as she emerged from the room, her hunger was apparent.

Motivating Legislative Reform for Safer Communities
After what happened to them, Bathany and Kendall want to see new regulations put in place for carbon monoxide detectors. In an effort to forestall such tragedies, they are lobbying for detectors to be made obligatory for all property owners.

Fortunately, the family took swift action and avoided serious repercussions. Their tragedy highlights the need for carbon monoxide detectors in every house. If you think this technology might save lives, please SHARE this article with your friends and family.

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