Contrary to skeptics, a caring couple gives a one-eyed kitten with a peculiar snaggletooth a chance.

Mama Plop gave birth to four adorable puppies, the smallest of which is named Peanut or P because it is the tiniest. Alex explains, “I quickly realized she could not breastfeed normally, so I gave her a bottle until she was old enough to eat solid food.”

Plop is significantly smaller than his siblings. At the veterinarian, she scarcely weighed enough for them to accurately determine her weight for a long time. It hasn’t even been registered!

Peanut was blind until her good eye cleared and opened one day. She was born with one eye and a portion of her nose missing, but her little companion didn’t let that stop her

“One side of her body is deformed, specifically her eyes and nose. “Thankfully, she is completely healthy,” said Alex. Her misaligned teeth became more prominent as she aged. It only adds to the adorableness of the one-eyed cat.

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