When he realizes he’s secure, a rescued dog ‘celebrates’ in the cutest manner.

.He exemplifies the transformative power of love and perseverance. When his current owner first saw a photo of him on a rescue website, she was overcome with tremors, an indication that their paths were destined to cross.

Bringing Beckett home marked the beginning of a voyage replete with obstacles and enlightenments. Beckett, like many other rescue canines, had his share of traumas.

Not only was he wary of humans, but he was also readily startled by abrupt noises or movements. A simple action, such as stroking his fur, could provoke a traumatic memory and cause him to wail in agony. These initial obstacles, however, did not deter his proprietor.

She recognized the indicators of previous maltreatment and was determined to assist in his recovery.

As the days turned into months, Beckett’s true character began to emerge. His ecstatic leaps, resembling those of a rabbit, were indicative of his newfound confidence.

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