The owner yelled, “Stop!” but the dog was already carrying a stray kitten on his back.SP

She unhappily exited the door to her mother’s exhortation, “Don’t forget the umbrella!” while the dog joyfully sprang out and dashed to the puddle.

“Oh no!” Arisha exclaimed as she watched Cody play with unclean water. The dog’s soul’s incredible happiness and celebration is, of course,

wonderful, but the splashes on the golden fur clearly indicated that wash procedures could not be avoided. And tomorrow is still an early start because there is such a long day of work ahead…

A message received on Arisha’s phone while she was thinking about mundane issues. The girl took out her phone and began answering it.

A little gray kitten climbed out of a moist bush while Arisha stood with her head buried in her phone. He turned back, pushed his ears together as

“The Remarkable Reunion: A Service Canine’s Heartfelt Return Home to Its Injured Battle Buddy” .SP

“Sincere Solace: He Soothes His Sister’s Tears with His Cherished Toy, Leaving a Lasting Impression on Hearts Around the World.” .SP