A tiny abandoned puppy chases down a cop and begs to be adopted.

Officer Johnson was patrolling the area one lovely afternoon as the sun shed a warm glow on the concrete pathways.

He observed a little, scruffy puppy with soulful eyes and a wagging tail following him as he went about his business.

He expected the puppy to lose interest and flee, but to his astonishment, the puppy persevered. This determined little fellow was determined to find assistance and a new loving home.

Officer Johnson was moved by the puppy’s steadfast determination. He came to a halt and crouched down to give the puppy a gentle stroke on the head.

The puppy replied with an enthusiastic lick, and a link was formed at that instant. Officer Johnson had no idea that this fortuitous meeting would affect both of their lives forever.

An unwanted dog dumped in a park is adopted by the officer who rescued her.

The chubby cat has an unusual shape that delights the online community since it is so lovely.