A woman uses a drone to find a dog that has a zip tie around its muzzle.

A committed rescuer spotted a dog with a zip tie around his snout and hand-fed it for two weeks. After enduring a horrible occurrence, the dog,

called Beckham, gradually gained the confidence of people once again and was able to find a new home of his own.

A call about a dog with a zip tie around his snout sparked the start of the tale. The scenario was startling and upsetting, and the rescuers realized they needed to move fast.

The dog was scared and apprehensive, so Pinky Paws Search & ResQ was called in to assist with the capture. Beckham’s prospective

foster mother even used a drone to track out his locations after they set up traps to catch him, but he was able to evade capture by circling the boxes.

Funny “temper tantrum” is shown by vocal husky when his mother forbids him from eating his bed.

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