After getting a pit bull, the guy can’t stop thinking about the other dog he left behind.

Wiley was visiting the animal shelter to adopt Smokey, another Pit Bull, when Jon first went up to him. However, he became interested in Wiley,

who had been stranded in the shelter for more than 105 days. Wiley simply sat there, looking cute and defenseless, while Jon patted him.

After returning home, Jon found it impossible to stop thinking about Wiley and quickly came to the conclusion that he had to assist him.

One of Jon’s happiest days ever came after he made the decision to save and nurture Wiley. When Wiley was at last released from the shelter,

he could see the happiness in his eyes. It took Wiley some time to pick up the skills necessary to play, however. Jon thinks that the fact that Wiley had never performed with anybody before added to the specialness of their time together.

Wobbly Pit thanks his rescuer by walking with his legs cast straight.

He was sitting by the road, without his “shiny” coat and in need of affection.