Actor George Maharis, known for roles in films including “Route 66” and “Fantasy Island,” has died at the age of 94.

Everyone, sadly, must face death at some point in their lives. Some very famous people died this month. The death of actor George Maharis has been a sad blow to his many fans.

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Route 66 and Fantasy Island were two of George Maharis’ most well-known roles. Millions of people all around the globe adored the actor for his mysterious good looks and charisma.

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His lifelong friend Marc Bahan took care of him in his last years, and it was Bahan who made the Facebook post announcing his passing.

On Wednesday, May 25th, we learned of George Maharis’s passing. George is famous for many things: being a celebrity on Route 66, performing on stage, singing, being an artist, and, above all, being a lovely person who would do anything for anybody. Bahan wrote, “My dear friend, you will be terribly missed.”

Maharis is well-known for his portrayal of Route 66’s Buz Murdock. Because to his performance, the actor gained widespread attention. He was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Continued Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Series for his three years as the show’s lead.


The actor grew up in the Astoria neighbourhood of Queens. Before beginning his career in show business, he served for 18 months in the United States Marine Corps. In 1958, he got his start when he was cast in the off-Broadway production of Deathwatch by Jean Genet.

Soon after, in 1960, he played a freedom warrior in his first film role, the biblical epic Exodus. Before being cast in Naked City, the actor had some success on the soap opera Search for Tomorrow.


The success of Naked City spawned a spinoff, Route 66, which catapulted Maharis to fame. After three seasons as Buz, his health prompted him to depart the CBS production in 1962. The actor was hospitalised at the time due to a case of hepatitis.

Quick Before It Melts (1964), Sylvia (1965), A Covenant with Death (1967), and The Happening (1967) are only a few of the films in which Maharis appeared.

The actor had guest appearances on Mission: Impossible, Fantasy Island, and The Most Deadly Game in the 1970s, reviving his once-dormant television career.

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