After becoming a single mother at the age of 54, Donna Mills met her future husband, ‘M*A*S*H’ actor Hugh Laurie, seven years later.

Donna Mills, an actress, is one of those rare ladies who is naturally beautiful. They’re as stunning as ever, regardless of the passage of time.

Mills’s rise to fame was aided not just by her abilities, but also by her stunning good looks. She was destined for greatness from the minute she earned a part on the 1966 CBS daytime serial series The Secret Storm.

Having played the legendary character of the cunning, manipulative vixen Abby Cunningham on the long-running primetime soap opera Knots Landing, as well as a prominent recurrent guest-starring role on the popular soap opera General Hospital, her career took off under the scrutiny of the public.

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Mills was pursuing romantic opportunities at the same time as she was experiencing professional success.

After some time, she began dating musician Richard Holland, whose son Damian was fathered by singer Chaka Khan. Mills and Holland had such contrasting personalities that many people thought they constituted an unusual pair. She saw herself as a proactive achiever, whereas Holland struggled to find the will to even get out of bed. His friends and family always said he was really chill.

People assumed he only stayed with her because of her wealth and the ease it afforded him. Soon after she and Mills began dating, Holland moved into his $1.5 million estate, where she made accommodations for Mills’ kid to stay on weekends.

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Even though they remained together, she said their relationship was always “turbulent.” There was a 20-year on-and-off relationship between them, but they never married or had children.

Mills was too focused on her profession to see anything was missing until she was 54 and decided she wanted to have a family. Although many people thought it was too late for Mills to have a family, she was still set on having a kid. Mills adopted her daughter Chloe when she was barely four days old in 1994, at the height of her acting career.

Mills felt so at home in the role of mother that she unexpectedly decided to put her career on wait to concentrate on raising her daughter.

Their mother-daughter love is as strong as ever, even 28 years after Chloe was brought into her life.

Chloe has made a name for herself in the spotlight. She is well-connected in the fashion and media industries and a member of the exclusive Soho House in Los Angeles. Bailey Joshua, a musician, is her boyfriend.

Mills, like her daughter, eventually found true love. Despite the difficulties in her marriage to Holland, the Knots Landing actress never gave up on finding love again. She has been dating actor and producer Larry Gilman, whom she calls her “soul mate,” for the last 20 years.

His most notable performances were in the 1980–1981 season of Texas Rangers, the film Secrets, and the long-running CBS military comedy–drama series M*A*S*H.

He bought a vineyard as a gift for her in 2015.

Having found love, we hope Donna Mills is enjoying life to the fullest.

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