After being neglected and abandoned for nine years, a dying dog has a brief moment of optimism.

After her owner was deported, Josephine the dog, popularly known as “Pheenie,” was abandoned. A shipping container in a junkyard provided her with little protection from the elements,

so she took shelter behind it. She lived alone for nine years, getting by on scraps and scraps of food that strangers threw to her. Time, however, had its way with her in the end.

Pheenie’s health had deteriorated by the time she was a senior dog because of the stress and abuse she had endured for so long.

She had been blinded in her right eye, had an infected spinal cord, was losing teeth, had a urinary tract infection, and had several painful breast tumors when she was hit by a vehicle.

With its snout chopped, the dog’s chances of survival were bleak, but its rescuers were determined to give it a fighting chance.

The Bernedoodle’s after-school love of his younger sister won the hearts of seven million viewers.