After eight years of searching, the lost Chihuahua returned home.

From Latina, Italy, a touching story that will make you feel things. Losing a canine friend may be very painful for any dog owner. There is no end to the desire to be with one’s beloved pet again.

Unfortunately, not all heartbreaking tales involving missing dogs have good endings, even with intensive search and rescue efforts.

Dogs disappear, as if engulfed by the world, leaving their owners in constant distress. Occasionally, however, a story emerges that appears more imagined than real, a true miracle.

The mysterious disappearance of Maya, a little Chihuahua, in August 2011 shocked Silvia Fondacaro, her owner.

Maya was left in Silvia’s mother’s care when she and her husband went to the beach on that fateful day. It just took a quick stroll to the store for

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