The Stray Cat with Three Legs Finally Got His Own Fireplace After Nine Years in the Cold

A few years ago, a stray cat with only three legs made his way into a man’s kitchen, where he promptly began demanding affection. There was instant connection between them after that.


The remarkable bond of a stray cat with three missing legs and the kind guy who takes care of him Bubby, a stray cat with three missing legs, and his inspiring tale.

More and more often, the cat would visit the man’s home to interact with his cat, Seson. The stray cat kept coming back to Seson’s grave even after he had died away.

Despite his lengthy history as a stray and his general distrust of people, for some reason he trusted this particular human.

Boyd, the guy who fed and loved the stray cat, eventually won the cat’s confidence.

Over time, Boyd’s pet came to be known as “Bubby” (a nickname he gave himself). He claimed his own chair and found a comfy snoozing area.

You want to hold and comfort this terrified semi-feral cat mother so badly, but you can’t.

Cat at the shelter dances for visitors in the hopes that someone will pet him.