After saving a puppy, a police officer realizes he can’t live without her.

Officer Sara Rgers of the Augusta Police Department was dispatched on July 16 to retrieve an injured uy who had been abandoned.

While officials searched for her wner, she took the dg to a nearby veterinarian. Officer Rgers checked on her throughout her

shift to ensure she was okay before Kennebec Humane Society officials came.fficer Rgers even ate with the dg, and the two had formed a dee relationship.

Rgers knew she needed to do more to help this adorable dg. They were never adted, so she chose to care for her till she was ready for adtin.

Rgers couldn’t let her go when it came time to find a new home. Gers chose to keep the dg, which she called Rey after a Star Wars Jedi.

On their Facebk page, the August lice Deartment released an ht of the adrable cule along with the ignant stry.

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