Bruce was abandoned at the age of eight months due to a rare disability, but his amazing adventure started when he warmed up to his loving foster mother.

She brought the lovely cat home, and it was immediately apparent that Carl was a gorgeous meowdel.

Here are some of the first photos of him that were posted on Facebook; notice how his golden eyes stand out against the contrasted fur.

Alyssa Keeling, Carl’s new foster mother, initially thought about finding him a new home after having his “party peanuts”

removed and receiving veterinary attention. But he appears to have had different ideas, as if this house was always supposed to be his.

Gorgeous tuxedo cat found in an Indiana shed Henry’s Thoughts, Carl Media and photos courtesy of Henry’s Thoughts on Facebook

A tripod kitten hopes to take on the role of “dishwasher supervisor” under the loving care of those who take it in.

Two weak kittens were calling out for their mother in distress at a building site when I arrived to save them.