Albino sisters with a 12-year age gap became famous in the modelling industry.

The fact that these siblings have anything in common despite being born over a decade apart is rather remarkable.

The loss of skin, eye, and/or hair pigmentation that characterises the very rare genetic disorder known as albinism. People with albinism seem significantly different because of this:

Extremely seldom does a couple have two albino children born 12 years apart, thus it is shocking that a Kazakh couple experienced this phenomenon twice.

Asel and Kamila, two stunningly different sisters, have become in-demand models owing to their extensive resumes.

Asel, the eldest of his siblings, is 14 years old. Her mother, Aiman Sarkitova, has spoken about how the news that her daughter was born an albino came as a shock to the family.

She told the Daily Mail, “When I gave birth to my eldest, genetics were not so developed with us.” Recently, though, it has started to take form. The doctors and nurses were taken aback.

How shocking it must have been when, 15 years later, their daughter Kamila was born with the same condition.

They chose to get into business together as a modelling duo since seeing them at work together is so beautiful and stunning.

Asel has been a model since she was ten years old, and with her younger sister at her side, her popularity is sure to soar. They have nearly 33,000 combined Instagram followers.

Although it isn’t always easy, albinism has helped them achieve a great lot of success. The condition is associated with a host of other medical concerns, such as photosensitivity.

Asel said, “If I am going to be outside during the afternoon, then I will absolutely put on sunscreen, clothes that will protect my skin, wear headgear, or use an umbrella.”

“In the evening, when there is almost no sun, it is a lot simpler for me,” stated the speaker.

But through it all, they have one other to cling on, no matter how high or low the waves of life may be.

Many individuals with albinism feel alone because of how rare their condition is, but these two sisters are lucky in that they have each other.

We can only hope that their modelling careers raise greater public awareness of albinism and highlight how strikingly different persons with albinism may seem.

Asel said that many people are unfamiliar with the concept of albinos.

All three of these sisters are stunning in our eyes. Share these breathtaking images and the news of this extraordinary journey.

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