Bruce was abandoned at the age of eight months due to a rare disability, but his amazing adventure started when he warmed up to his loving foster mother.

Victoria didn’t want to adopt a cat for herself when she and her buddy visited their neighborhood shelter. Victoria says, “I didn’t go with the intention of getting another; I already had three.”

But in the process of assisting her friend in finding the ideal cat, Victoria couldn’t help but fall in love with Brucie, a gorgeous

white and tabby kitten with a distinctive face. “He had been abandoned at the age of eight months,” claims Victoria.

Victoria found out that Brucie had a hole in his top lip that extended into his nose due to a cleft lip, a disease he had been born with.

When Victoria decided to go with her friend to the animal shelter close to her Manchester, England, home, she didn’t want to adopt a fourth cat, but she was certain that Brucie was intended to be a member of her family.

Two weak kittens were calling out for their mother in distress at a building site when I arrived to save them.

The homeless cat, who was fortunately found and saved by a kind guy in time, was sobbing unceasingly in the rain since it had nowhere to stay.