An employee at McDonald’s was caught putting her hand down her trousers to get a handful of french fries.

Viral content, in today’s age of social media, may bring both positive and negative outcomes. Viral content has the ability to boost brand awareness, fan base size, and revenue. For some, it’s a chance to bask in the spotlight for a little while.

However, the content’s virality may quickly become a PR disaster if it contains or even hints at unprofessional, unethical, or unpleasant conduct. A video shot inside a McDonald’s in Missouri has lately gone viral on the internet.

An employee by the name of Kelsey Kwiatkowski, 21 at the time, was caught red-handed with her hand down her pants. She was then seen using the same hand to scoop french fries.



Viewers all across the globe have had strong responses to the distressing film, with many questioning the cleanliness standards of these businesses.

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