A police officer rescues a dog from drowning and decides to adopt it, providing it with a safe and caring home.

St. Lucie County, Florida, law enforcement officers were leaving a call when they were startled by a barely audible crying sound emanating from a septic drain.

A dog was found almost drowning when they arrived. He’d been abandoned, but one of the cops believed it was fate to find him and take him in.

The cops had just completed their response to the previous call when they heard the muffled sobs coming from the vacant lot. Many people would have chosen to ignore them, but not these guys.

One of the police officers who rescued the drowning dog was named James Gettings. When he was finally rescued, he was afraid and fatigued and on the verge of giving up. They bathed him many times to get rid of the foul odor and looked for his family.

A new puppy is welcomed into the home of two dogs, and the three quickly become attached.

A dog with a bloated face is seen wandering the streets, causing alarm and motivating quick action to help it.