Abandoned and alone, we came upon a dog in need and decided to assist it.

Bikes sped by without slowing down, and despite his best efforts, he was unable to rise to his feet. Someone found a little puppy near a pet shop and called the Rescue Channel to report it.

There was a lot of traffic, but the rescue crew nonetheless got there as quickly as they could. Unfortunately, the dog was already dead when they arrived, and all they could do was watch in horror. Unfortunately, the dog had already died away as the rescuers attempted CPR.

A passerby alerted the rescue team to the presence of a puppy, who may be the sibling of the one they were previously saving. They arrived shortly and, while resting and rehydrating with sewage water, discovered a little puppy laying on the ground.

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A stray dog and its stuffed friend were found wandering the streets of Detroit, and the community rallied to save them.

A parent who was skeptical about getting a dog now lovingly tucks her into bed every night, celebrating the unconditional nature of their relationship.