A paraplegic dog boldly crept out from beneath an abandoned home and into the arms of a rescuer, finding safety, affection, and a better life.

Animal rescuers discovered Scootch under his abandoned home at the end of a gravel road surrounded by other abandoned homes.

Even though it was pitch black, they could see the brown Pitbull with their headlamps. When Donna approached him, he huddled in a corner and let out a low growl.

He abruptly stopped snarling once she tossed a hotdog at him. When Scooch noticed the meal, he hauled himself up with his front legs.

“He was so hungry that he flocked toward every bit of food I threw at him.” Donna sent a statement on the St. Louis Stray Rescue website. –

“We worried how long this poor dog had been alone and terrified here.” We agreed that enticing him out with food was the safest and least stressful choice after some back-and-forth.”

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