A stray dog interrupts a wedding and is adopted by the couple.

Douglas Robert and Tamris Muzini’s children in Brazil. The dog made a spectacular entrance into the church, captivating the attention and affection of everyone in attendance, and even congratulating the nuptials.

The most uplifting aspect of this unexpected visitor’s appearance was yet to come. The affection and bond between the dog and the bride and

groom were so profound that Douglas and Tamris decided to rescue the dog from the streets and adopt him into their family.

Twitter: @carmelodejesus The wedding guests were in for a delightful surprise when the dog, now affectionately named Braiá Caramelo de Jesus, arrived at the

Rosário Church steps.He effortlessly merged into the wedding festivities with his endearing antics, enchanting bystanders by turning over and exposing his stomach..

A dog captures a confined avian on the veranda and sets it free.

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