His sole flaw is that he is a Pitbull: a dog is shot and loses both of his right limbs.

Fifty the Pit Bull was created to assist others. When his mother was rescued by a caring family, she was pregnant. From among his littermates, Fifty was eventually adopted by the family.

When the unimaginable happened, the playful canine was living the good life with his humans and another doggie sister, Izzy.

When a patrolling cop noticed Fifty, he grew worried and shot him in both of his right limbs. Fifty was a lovely and friendly dog, therefore this was a textbook case of Pit Bull prejudice.

However, this awful tragedy changed his life forever, and the poor dog had both of his right legs amputated due to bullet wounds.

A distraught dog buries her deceased youngster, seeking to protect him even after death, and refuses to leave until she has completely covered everything.

Nobody wants a stray, three-legged puppy. Now He Is Living Like A King