Ferret was raised alongside a German Shepherd. And now he believes he is a dog as well.

But not about two dogs or cats; she wanted her pets to be distinct. However, she did have a fear that her two favorites would not get along. First, Diana got a German Shepherd named Nova;

she was a very playful and intelligent dog, and Diana soon began introducing her to other animals; as a result, the dog got along with everyone,

and as soon as she realized that the dog would react normally to the second pet, she got a sma. She pursued the ferry Paco and Nova are inseparable; they play, sleep, and eat together.

In addition, the packo, despite his diminutive size, is always very patient with the parents; the shepherd manages the infant with great care, never loses site of him, and takes care of him. Diana asserts that despite

The amusing cat is furious today! Labrador retrievers are so fond of adorable kitties!amusing pooch

She hid against the wall, only daring to observe the world from a distance, wishing to be loved once.