The title of this remarkable book is “Trasceding Birth: A Journey of Radiant Triumph and Resilience.”

Despite doctors telling their mother they only had a 5% chance of survival, the conjoined twins, aged six, have beaten the odds and are now entering kindergarten using their one body.

Chelsea Torres, 30, from Blackfoot, Idaho, and her partner Nick had twin daughters, Callie and Carter, in 2017, against medical professionals’ predictions that the children would not survive.

When Chelsea’s daughters were born prematurely, doctors warned her that they may not make it through the first few weeks.

However, six years later, Allie and Carter are thriving and have just accomplished a significant milestone by entering kindergarten.

Both females have their own hearts and stomachs, but they have to share a bedroom, a urinary system, and a pelvis with one another. They’re able to move one leg and two arms independently.

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