All of the rescue puppy’s muscles clenched up as he lay helplessly on the hot pavement, waiting for someone to come and save him.

On a scorching day, a little dog found itself in a nightmarish predicament. He got stuck on the slick asphalt under the scorching heat.

How long he had been hurting for was unknown. The oppressive heat made him unable to move, his whole body rigid with pain.

The poor puppy’s cries for help were filled with despair and fear. He desperately wanted a way out of his asphalt prison without being hurt further.


Despite the scorching weather, a beacon of hope appeared. A kind bystander saw the unfolding events and knew they had to help. They cautiously started the delicate operation of rescuing the captive child.

“Hold on,” they urged reassuringly to the scared dog, “you will be saved.”

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