The boy may never awaken, and the vivid red markings that cover his entire body may never diminish.

THIS PROUD MOTHER is displaying her miracle baby boy who suffered a stroke at birth and defied the neurologist who warned her he may never wake up, but has been left with brilliant red blotches all over his body that may NEVER disappear.

Meagan Wight (32), a legal assistant from Alberta, Canada, was only 32 weeks pregnant when she went into preterm labor in February of this year, as her due date was in April. Following an ultrasound, doctors discovered a bright spot on Dominic’s liver and informed her that his heart was enlarged.

Her husband, Jarrod, rushed to the hospital to meet her, and she was carried into the delivery room for an emergency C-section. At first glance, she observed that Dominic was pale and covered with freckles.

The following day, physicians informed them that their son’s liver had an arteriovenos malformation (AVM), a tangle of abnormal and weakly formed arteries and veins with a higher risk of bleeding than normal vessels.

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