A ill and stray cat came up to me, licking me to show that it trusted me and thought I might help it get out of its horrible circumstances.

The beginning of the narrative was a fortuitous meeting, one of those occasions that seem meant to be. A ill and abandoned kitten,

weak and defenseless, came into contact with a kind person. With its beseeching eyes and frail appearance,

the kitten seemed to know intuitively that it had located someone who could provide the assistance it much needed.

The kindhearted person reached out a helping hand without hesitation. In a moment, a quiet understanding that spoke volumes was established between the person and the kitty.

At its most vulnerable, the kitten had found a guardian angel, and the kind person had found a little animal in need of rescue.

The cat’s head is trapped within the cage of the bird.

An very emotional response was elicited when the cat was placed in a cardboard box, drenched in blue dye following a heavy rain, and it begged for its owner to save it.