In Destin, Florida, a small community where days are typically filled with sunlight and tranquility, an unexpected event transformed an ordinary day into an exciting expedition.

However, the bear had no idea that it was about to meet its match in Josh Martinez, a father whose affection for his family and companion was boundless.

Videos that have since exploded on the Internet capture the intensity of the moment On the phone is a woman, presumably a family member, whose voice is filled with dread.

As viewers, we are on the edge of our seats when Salomon, the endearing Golden Doodle, rushes into the frame with the bear close

Josh demonstrates commendable foresight by immediately alerting his family to seek shelter inside their residence. Prior to diverting his concentration to the impending danger outside, he ensured the safety of his loved

Taking on a bear is no easy task, but Josh was undaunted. With a resolve that permeated every step, he confronted the bear, ensuring Salomon’s safety and letting the bear know it was not welcome.

Josh clarified the incident and his response by revealing his background: “We are an active-duty US Army Special Forces family.”

His words resounded with pride as he continued, “We were protecting our incredible miniature golden Doodle Salomon, and I was guarding my family as the bear approached.” I did what any father would have done to safeguard his family.”


Occasionally, however, individuals must take matters into their own hands and create their own PSAs.

Dogs are renowned for their loyalty.