A woman entered the animal shelter and was greeted by a cat with an incredibly asymmetrical visage that was staring at her in an odd manner.

A woman arrived at the shelter and was greeted by a cat with a flawlessly asymmetrical visage. She simply knew!

A few years ago, Lauren Thomson visited a shelter in Richmond, Virginia in search of a feline companion. She had multiple encounters with some of the cats, but she never felt the connection she was seeking.

Lauren told Love Meow, “The last cat I had chose me by swatting at my shoulder while I was looking at another cat, and I was looking for a similar match.”

After interacting with several felines, she sensed a pair of eyes on her and turned in that direction. “When I saw a tabby cat staring at me with her eyes squinted and tongue lolling out, I knew she was my girl.”

This cat finds profound joy in having a couch to sleep on after years of dwelling beneath a staircase.

A cat rescued from an overcrowded home is given a second chance at life alongside a kitten that resembles it, ending months of waiting.