Little Puppy was paralyzed, living in a small country, and was overjoyed when he met the rescuer.

Tango has arrived! The girl had polio and lived in the country. She requires assistance! I went to get her.

I’ll do everything I can to assist her! She struggled there, but if given the chance, the infant would be able to stand up in Moscow.

We’ll be heading to the clinic to get checked out, get tests, X-rays, and so on. We must look for causes and opportunities.

So, the unfortunate news is that she cannot walk on all fours. We cried a lot when we found out she was crippled for life. She plans to run again in her wheelchair. It starts off upsetting but quickly turns heartwarming.

She’s been well cared for, she’s hungry, and she’s just complaining. I’m still fighting her disease. She is in a great mood. Tango went for a walk today.

Thirsty stray dog picks up an empty bucket and begs for water from passers-by.

When I see a rescue unloved, unwanted, dumped, and forgotten bait dog curled up…