A stray husky infected with mange is becoming a devoted companion dog.

A endearing story transpires as we recount the remarkable voyage of a Siberian Husky afflicted with mange and rescued from Sacramento’s streets. This dog was taken under the care of the compassionate staff at Front Street Animal Shelter after a determined rescue mission.

The initial entrance of this dog, who was ill and severely malnourished, prompted a heartfelt statement from the animal shelter: “Sick, starving, but finally safe.

” Despite the ordeal she had endured, the Husky exhibited a remarkable degree of kindness and gentleness toward the shelter personnel. This tenderness garnered her the nickname “Sugar” In December 2015, she began her road to rehabilitation when she sought refuge at the shelter.

Animal shelter on Front Street Sugar began a new chapter just before Christmas when she was welcomed into a foster home. Here, she encountered another dog named Piel that was also

recovering from fire injuries. The two developed an endearing friendship, providing each other with the much-needed companionship and support during their respective rehabilitation processes.

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