A deaf dog is placed in an animal shelter. Two weeks later, the owner returns and implores, “Can I please have my dog?”

Their steadfast devotion and unconditional affection have a profound effect on our lives This is especially true when a dog has special requirements, such as deafness, which frequently strengthens the connection between companion and owner.

This story takes place in a Florida animal shelter where a touching incident involving a deaf pit bull named Glock and his owner garnered international attention.

Unfortunately, some animal shelters have tarnished the industry’s reputation, despite their importance to animal welfare.
However, the Santa Rosa County Animal Services facility in Florida proved to be an exception when the operational manager, Jessica Jade, shared a heartwarming tale about a deaf dog and its owner.

Glock, a handsome pit bull, was cherished by his owner. Even though Glock was deaf, he was full of vitality and affection.

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