Due to his drooping face, a cat with a rare condition always displays a sad expression.

Sometimes appearances can be deceptive. Some canines have genetic abnormalities that make them appear to have a particular “mood” at all times, regardless of how they actually feel; Grumpy Cat is a well-known example.

This is the case for one cat, whose limp visage has earned him the moniker “world’s saddest-looking cat.” But despite his sad appearance, he is a content cat with a loving home.

Sushi’s owner, Larissa Yamaguchi, adopted him in 2016 when he was still a youngster, after he was reportedly tossed out into a street flood by a heartless owner.

Despite the fact that his genetic condition was unknown at the time, Larissa could tell he had a “different face,” but she fell in love with him nonetheless. “I knew immediately that I wanted him,” she told Daily Mail.

Sushi’s condition became more evident over time, and Larissa spent four years attempting to diagnose her cat. Sushi had delicate, drooping skin, but neither veterinarians nor medication could help.

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