Nigerian Couple’s Decade-Long Wait Ends with the Arrival of Five Healthy Babies

Cross-river mother of quintupletsThe first quintuplets were born at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH) in Cross River State to a couple who had been married for ten years without having children.

The three girls and two boys, delivered on Monday between 10:50 and 10:54 a.m., weighed between 1.45kg and 1.75kg. They are currently in the Teaching Hospital’s Special Care Babies Unit and are in stable health.

Dr Linda Ayade, wife of Cross River State Governor, who was among those who visited the first-time parents with the first-of-its-kind delivery, joyfully announced a donation of one million Naira in support of the family’s needs.

“This is a sign of good tidings in the state and country at large and I want to thank the new mother for opting for professional services of birth attendants,” she went on to say.

Dr. Ayade not only made donations to the spouses, but he also offered 500,000 Naira to the medical experts who assisted the women in safely delivering the infants.

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