Hopeful that his missing dog has been located, a homeless guy spends the night outside of the animal shelter.

A young homeless guy slept outside an animal shelter, clinging to the notion that he would one day be reunited with his dog. His exceptional loyalty was on full display in front of the DeKalb County Animal Services building in Georgia.

A worker at the shelter one morning came out to the sidewalk to find the homeless guy still waiting for the shelter to open. Awakening him gently from his improvised bed, they discovered his desperate position.

He had used all his last dollar on gas to make the trip to the shelter in search of his lost puppy.Tracy Thompson / FacebookSurprisingly, they had not wasted their time.

Two weeks ago, the shelter had taken in a stray dog and moved it to their new location on the other side of town. What happened next was a selfless deed that moved many people.

Technicians at the kennel were so moved by the man’s tale that they paid for his train fare to the faraway facility where he could reunite with Tata.

The injured puppy was protected from the train for two days by her devoted buddy.

Cute calf gets shunned by his herd but finds a new home in the form of a pack of dogs.